I am an enthusiastic, experienced math and science tutor who creates a comfortable and fun learning atmosphere, emphasizing effective study skills, test taking strategies and nurturing student confidence. I coach students to understand their strengths and weaknesses and develop strategies that lead to better grades. I identify and fill knowledge gaps in coursework comprehension. Math and science are cumulative subjects requiring strong command of material covered previously and presently. I often consult with teachers and parents to better understand students’ needs to increase the effectiveness of our sessions.

Each student faces unique learning challenges. I apply different methods of learning to maximize the learning experience. For some students, learning in the classroom will always be difficult because of distractions, pace or presentation style. Working one-on-one with students usually results in dramatic visible and immediate progress. Sometimes when working with a student who struggles to participate in class, we create a list of questions they can ask in class to keep them engaged. Other students have fallen behind the class curriculum so we answer questions about material previously covered or fundamental concepts where comprehension is lacking. I read out loud with auditory learners, draw diagrams and charts with visual learners, and conduct interactive activities, such as building chemical models, with kinesthetic learners. For many students, simple repetition makes a huge difference in confidence and performance. I teach transferable skills students will use throughout their academic careers. I love building relationships with students and their families and seeing students thrive and achieve their goals.

My students have gone on to achieve academic success at institutions such as Columbia University, NYU, Bard and Boston College.

I have experience tutoring students with learning disabilities including dyslexic and visual processing disorders and ADD/ADHD.

I specialize in algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, biology, chemistry, physics and environmental science. I am also highly experienced in preparing students for the Advanced Placement-Biology and Environmental Science Exams.

I have a Master’s Degree in Environmental Management from the University of Queensland, Australia, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. I have been tutoring students for more than a decade.