I offer a unique service in New York City that combines traditional math and science tutoring with yoga techniques. I create a comfortable and fun learning atmosphere, emphasizing effective study skills, test taking strategies and improved self-confidence.

The current academic environment, particularly high school, has become more competitive, over-stimulating and stressful. Students hold tension in their bodies. My services incorporate components of yoga such as alignment, relaxation and breath into the tutoring curriculum. Proper alignment offers an antidote to our slumped-shoulder computer culture and makes the body more comfortable. Breathing techniques relax the body and mind, calm the nervous system and increase the capacity to focus. Properly managing stress and anxiety makes learning easier and more fun.

My students range from those with learning disabilities to the academically gifted, but my goal with every student is the same: teach transferable academic skills and improve grades. I look forward to working with your child and helping them broaden and achieve their goals.

Rebecca Frymer