“Working with Becky not only improved my math skills but transformed me into a more confident student. With my newfound math skills and confidence I excelled in school and made my dream of going to Boston College a reality. Becky has changed my life and I will forever be grateful.” –Graduate of Friends Academy, Locust Valley, NY

“Becky not only helped improve my chemistry grades, she also boosted my self-esteem. With Becky’s help, concepts that had previously seemed difficult became easy to understand. She is fully dedicated to her students as demonstrated by her willingness to meet as many times as required to prepare for exams. After only a few sessions, I felt far less stressed. Through integrating her yoga techniques, I was able to relax and feel confident in myself as a student.” –Student, Convent of the Sacred Heart High School

“Working with Becky taught me about my own work ethic. She is encouraging, supportive and organized. Despite my learning disability which makes math especially challenging, Becky helped me become more confident and my grades improved as a result. She worked with me at my own speed and was understanding of my difficulties. She is an inspiring and helpful tutor and I would not be where I am academically today without her.” –Student, University High School, San Francisco

“Rebecca was extremely helpful for my daughter in science, both biology and chemistry. My daughter was struggling in freshman biology as the level of work expected was far higher than she had in middle school. Rebecca was especially helpful because she did not just tell my daughter the answers but instructed her on how to find them herself. Her assistance has made my daughter a much stronger student across other subjects. While Rebecca met with my daughter weekly at the beginning, after a few months my daughter was working more on her own and only asked for Rebecca’s help when she was confused. Last year when Rebecca told us she was moving to New York, my daughter was worried. However, today she is in AP-Chem and doing very well on her own using the skills that Rebecca taught her. I highly recommend Rebecca as a tutor.” –University High School Parent, San Francisco

“Becky’s patience and teaching style not only made school easier for me, but also made learning an enjoyable experience!” –Bishop Diego High School Graduate

“I can’t think of a better combination than learning and yoga. There is no one better to guide your child than Rebecca! As a mother, I can appreciate Becky’s humor, gentleness and incredible intelligence and know that any child would be lucky to learn from her. As a yoga instructor, I have witnessed first hand Becky’s love for and commitment to yoga. She is a gifted yoga practitioner with ample training and her enthusiasm is truly contagious. She has a grounded but light and easy way about her that makes her a pleasure to be around for any reason. It is a gift to have Becky in our lives!” –Stephanie Snyder, Yoga Instructor, San Francisco

“Becky worked with me for two years in high school. She is a tremendous reference on many subjects in math and science, and environmental science in particular. Becky helped me with homework, labs, projects, test preparation and study guides. Her dedication never left me without assistance when I needed her most. Her extensive knowledge enables advanced understanding of subject matter and makes sessions with her enjoyable.” — University High School Graduate

“Becky’s teaching methods were modified to the ways I learned best. I consider myself a better visual learner and for chemistry, we made large mind-maps on sticky boards so I could look at and memorize information while associating it with other concepts. I have been tutored in nearly every subject in middle school and high school and there has been no more effective and fun tutor than Becky. Thanks, Becky!” –University High School Graduate currently attending Columbia University

“Becky’s advanced yoga training with Ana Forrest makes her an excellent choice to support your needs to calm and clear your mind, relax your body and settle into an experience of learning that promotes courage and the strength to meet life’s challenges as new opportunities. Becky is not just teaching you something she went to school to teach. She is one of those amazing guides that practices what she is teaching so that you know what you are getting has real results, benefiting you and the lives of those around you.” –Les Leventhal, Yoga Instructor, San Francisco

“Prior to meeting Becky I hated math! Her tutoring helped me improve my math scores in school and on the SAT!” –Bishop Diego High School Graduate, currently applying to law school

“As I am a beginner in yoga, Becky Frymer helped me by taking me to a yoga class and explained to me strategies to improve my flexibility, as well as versions of difficult moves that were easier for me, so that I could learn over time. As a result of spending time with her at classes, my confidence and technique in yoga have greatly improved.” –Student, University High School

“Rebecca Frymer came highly recommended by the Dean of my daughter’s High School and we were not disappointed. Rebecca worked with my daughter for more than a year and in that year not only did her Chemistry grades improve but so did her self confidence. Rebecca was always on time and was very flexible during exam week when we requested extra tutoring.” –Parent, Convent of the Sacred Heart

“Rebecca worked with my son for several years, who is now a thriving student at Columbia University. She assisted him in biology, chemistry, physics, and AP environmental science. She improved his organizational skills, focus, and overall motivation and stayed at our home until the very late hours of the night before exam days to ensure he was fully prepared. Rebecca is excellent at breaking down large tasks into more manageable steps. Her support helped him achieve his potential at a highly regarded school and he thoroughly enjoyed working with her.”  –Parent, University High School

“Becky has been a wonderful resource for our daughter, Colette. We consider her a mentor, role model and friend. Colette’s confidence as a math student increased quickly while working with Becky. She really seemed to get the way Colette learned which is huge.” –Parent, Montecito Union School